911 hello my life is being taken over by gay cuddling werewolfs yes I’ll hold wait don’t disconnect-

Liam and Scott were tired.

That, of course, was the short version. The long version involved screaming and running and almost death experiences and actual death experiences and monsters and crying and hot summer nights turned cold, but for now, Liam and Scott were tired would do just fine.

They stood in Scott’s bedroom, both just blankly staring at the bed that made its presence obnoxiously real. Scott felt transfixed, his eyes just barley blinking as he stared at the unmade messy sheets and strewn pillows.
“Scott.” Liam croaked out. “I don’t have pajamas.” He says like it was the worst problem he had faced yet. “Scott. Scott, Scott I don’t have pajamas. I can’t sleep in my clothes. I can’t sleep. I’m gonna stay up all night. I’m never gonna sleep again. Scott I don’t have pajamas.”

Scott has pajamas. Scott should offer Liam Pajamas. Scott should, Scott should,

Scott blinked harshly-once, twice, three times before looking over at Liam. He looked like he was on the verge of tears, his crystal green eyes watering as his lips pulled into a pout and his chest heaving as he shakily forced breaths in and out of his nose. Oh god what does he do? As Scott’s stared at Liam and searched his suddenly blank mind a small memory came slipping through the cracks of his empty head.

Stiles, shaking as he curled further into himself with every sobbing hitched breath that wracked through his twelve year old body. Scott had stared, just as he did now, weighing his options. He could go get Stiles dad and face the embarresment of looking him in the face and saying I made Stiles cry an now I think I broke him, or he could make it better. He had wiped his palms on his pants and awkwardly patted Stiles on the shoulder, who in turn grabbed Scott’s hand like a life line and tugged him closer. Scott had hugged Stiles for hours while he cried, just silently being there for his friend.

Scott reached forward like he was on auto pilot and he pulled Liam close to hisself, hugging him tightly and burrowing his face in Liam’s neck. Liam tensed up like he expected to be hit or roughly pushed away, but Scott just squeezed him tighter and breathed in deeply inhaling Liam’s scent like it was the first fresh air he had ever breathed. A small, high-pitched whining whimper rose from Liam’s mouth as he wrapped his arms back around Scott, nestling his face into Scott like a cat.

Seconds ticked away into minutes, and there was a blurred moment when Scott sat on his bed and Liam followed sitting on his lap, and then another when they scooted up further so they could lay with Liam’s arms across Scott’s chest and cuddled perfectly into his side with Scott’s arms around his waist. Liam was sighing and whimpering and whining like a kicked puppy and Scott just rubbed feint circles into his lower back whispering things that he forgot the second they left his mouth.

Scott doesn’t remember falling asleep, but he remembers his eyes getting heavy and the smell of Liam curling around him and making him feel like home was wherever Liam was in his arms.